About Me
My name is Rupe Power and I have been involved with the Internet since the beginning days when I was teaching technology in the public school system. We did what we could to get computers in the classroom and taught the students computer aided drafting and web design. We were using DOS back then. Since then I have been building and maintaining and updating websites including the web pages for the schools I taught in since 1996.

Just as a side note, I play guitar and have written some articles on fingerpicking, one of my other passions.

I provide website management services and work on and hourly rate of $45. Having said that I treat my clients as if I had a vested interest in their business. I do not pad my hours and in fact if I work five or ten minutes past an hour I would not charge extra for that. I know the challenge businesses have in making their expense budgets work to make their business more profitable. I respect that and don’t take advantage of that.

Examples of sites I maintain are:
DaSaLu Artisans a local artisans gallery site.
Modern Touch Renovations a local construction company.
Fairview Historical Society a local historical archive.
Creative Space For Rent a free local ads site.
Food Bank Fundraising is my way of giving back.


Monthly WordPress Management…$45 per hr.
1/2 hr rate…$25

Other Services
I also have included links to services that you may be interested in. If you have in house support you can browse over 50+ suite of tools that your staff can use for your marketing campaigns.

As well if you have an interest in affiliate marketing, and what it can do for your sales, then please visit our affiliate marketing page.

There are also links to free guides, eBooks and articles, all to do with marketing in this tough economic climate.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions you might have.
Thank you