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competitor management tools

1. Market Explorer Competitor Research Tools

Stay in touch with your competition, leaders in your market with these competitor research management tools including…

Keep Pace With Your Competition

Keeping and eye on your competition helps you adjust your strategy to be competitive and you can find your indirect and aspiring rivals. See a list of websites competing for online visibility. Find domains that jeopardize your entered website’s popularity. Websites by the share of visits. see the dynamics of one company’s website traffic. Seethe chosen player’s traffic generation strategy.

In addition you should be able to your competition’s audience to the entire market’s demographics. See a list of top players selected by their volume. Analyze traffic-generation strategies of the market leaders. Find the competition’s market shares by their performance in online channels. Analyze the competitive landscape. Compare key players’ traffic generation. Find the leaders in the digital marketing channels.

Keep Tabs On The Market You Compete In

Furthermore markets change quickly, stay pace with market trends by being able to…

  • analyze a new market or niche.
  • see the entire competitive landscape.
  • seasonal market trends.
  • chances and costs of competing in a new market.
  • market traffic overview.
  • peaks and declines in the total market traffic.
  • the market volatility season by season.
  • any possible shift in demand.
  • the total market’s digital marketing mix.
  • which traffic sources contribute to the highest growth.
  • the topics that attract the most users.
  • if female or male customers are more active in your niche.
  • the average age of consumers in the researched field.
  • website traffic trends in your market.
  • social media distribution strategies.
  • your custom market audience characteristics.
  • the market situation in a foreign country.
  • your target market inside out to stay on top of their interests.

More information on Market Explorer Tools.

2. Traffic Analytics Competitor Research Tools

This tool will help you discover the top players in any market. You will be able to analyze any website performance, a website’s traffic metrics, find any competitor’s campaigns, conversion with top pages and more including…

See Your Competition’s Traffic Data

See prospect’s, and potential partner’s site traffic. Visualize website performance in dynamics. See the traffic volume of your competitors. Find the top products and services of your competition. See your competition’s digital campaigns.

In addition you should be able to see the competition’s expenses on organic and non-organic promotions. Find your competition’s business connections, affiliates, and backlink providers. Locate countries and regions where your competition is active. Find a list of your competition’s most popular product categories.

Analyze Your Own Traffic Data

  • traffic volume.
  • desktop vs mobile traffic ratio and user engagement.
  • find a website’s traffic and the audience insights.
  • growth potential.
  • preferences, effective media placements and partnerships.
  • potential customers to connect with.
  • popular blogs and content topics.
  • the best performing digital marketing channels.
  • check stats for regional markets separately.
  • find hundreds of company’s websites at once.
  • potential partners in bulk and media platforms for further outreach.
  • the performance of organic, paid search and social media.
  • new markets, niches and find opportunities for business expansion.

More information on Traffic Analytics Tools.

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