Save at the gas pump

4 Gas Saving Tips

There are ways to save money at the pump.
From an expert in the oil and gas industry.

gas saving tips

Where This Came From

The person that wrote the post works at Kinder Morgan Pipeline in San Jose, California. They deliver approximately 4 million gallons of gasoline daily. They have 34 storage tanks with a total capacity of over 18 million gallons. He passed along these facts and tips for everyone to benefit from.

Fill Up In The Morning

Gasoline storage tanks, at gas station, are located underground. In the morning the ground is cooler and the gasoline is denser. As the day goes on, and the ground warms up, the gasoline expands. This means that later in the day, especially on hot days, your gallon or liter of gas is not an exact gallon or liter.

In addition a one degree rise in temperature makes a big difference to gasoline. Furthermore most gas stations do have temperature compensation at the pumps.

Fill Up Slowly

The faster the gas comes out of the nozzle the more vapors are produced. Use the lowest fill mode on the nozzle to reduce the amount of vapors. The hoses at the pumps should have vapor returns. Vapors from the gas get sucked back into the storage tank. Furthermore you could be paying for those vapors as part of your fill up.

Don’t Let Your Tank Get Too Low

Fill up when your tank is half full. Gasoline evaporates very quickly. Empty space in your tanks allows the gas to evaporate faster. Gas will evaporate lot slower when full. The large storage tanks you see at refineries have internal floating roofs that don’t allow for any space between the gas and the roof.

Don’t Fill Up When Stations Are Getting A Gas Order

When gas station receive their gas, huge gas delivery trucks pump the gas into the storage tanks of those stations. More than likely the gas in those tanks are being stirred up. This is an opportunity for sediment to be stirred up as well. If you fill up at the same time, you could be getting some sediment in your tank.

In Conclusion

First I want to thank the person that put these gas saving tips out there. I know I will think differently about when and how I fill up. You may not think that you are saving a lot each time, but over time it all adds up.

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