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4 Powerful Advertising SEO Management Tools

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There are three powerful SEO management tools that can be used to promote your online presence. They are one step in the full SEO landscape.

Tools in this category include advertising research, PLA research and PPC keyword tool. Full lists of the benefits of what the user should expect when using these tools are listed below. In this case SemRush is used as an example of an SEO optimization service provider that you the user can use to compare with other providers.

1. SEO Advertising Research Tool

This SEO management tool should provide the user the ability to discover what your competitors are spending on advertising SEO management campaigns.

See What Your Competition Is Spending

Curious about how much your competition is spending and where they are spending their advertising SEO management dollars? This is what you will discover…

See your competitors’ search ads. Discover your competition’s paid search strategies. See your competition’s ad budgets and keywords. Unlock your competitor’s PPC spend and strategy.

In addition find how much advertisers in your niche are spending now. discover advertising spend changes throughout the year. And furthermore find out your competition’s ad spending.

Analyze How Your Competition Is using Advertising SEO

A great way to analyze your competition, where their traffic comes from, search terms, domains, sub domains, and much more.

Including these options

Discover the amount of traffic brought to your competitors’ websites through PPC. Find which search terms your paid search competitors are bidding on your competitors’ Google Ads campaigns. In addition find which subdomains your competition are directing their paid traffic to.

Furthermore find your competitors’ online advertising. See ad copy of your successful competitors. Use Google Ads competitor analysis to outperform your rivals. Discover your domain rivals.

More information on Advertising research Tool.

2. What Are PLA Research Tools?

Discover what your competition is doing for their PLA campaigns, shopping competition, strengths, triggers and more

Discover What Your Competitor’s Are Doing

By analyzing your competition you can adjust your advertising campaigns accordingly, including…

Discover your rivals’ product feeds. Find your Google shopping rivals. See the e-commerce players in your niche. Analyze your rivals’ strengths and weaknesses.

In addition see how many PLA keywords your competitors has in common with you. Find the exact keywords that trigger PLA ads of your and your competition. See copies of your competitors’ ads launched via Google Shopping.

See What You And Your Competition Have In Common

Analyze the PLA competitive landscape. Discover data-powered insights for your e-commerce strategy. Find the top advertisers in Google shopping.

3. What Are PPC Keyword Tools?

These Pay Per click advertising tools help you in your keyword and key phrase selection.

Discover Keyword Data

Find keyword and keyword phrase insights including…

Discover the best keywords based on CPC, volume, and other vital metrics. Build a keyword list, set negative keywords, and remove duplicates. Find keywords through many sources. Import keywords from .csv, .xls and .txt files.

In addition find long-tail suggestions. See related keywords. Merge keywords to build new combinations.

Edit And Organize Keyword Research

Remove special characters and unnecessary figures. Avoid cross-group duplicates. Stay on budget, find competition among your own ads. Improve your keyword list by clearing out any unnecessary prepositions. Edit or delete unnecessary articles unnecessary irrelevant keyword modifiers keywords that are found in multiple ad groups.

In addition find crossovers between groups and optimize your PPC campaign. See intersecting keywords across different ad groups. Save your favorite topics and export them to XLS.

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