affiliate marketing and consumers

Consumer Questions About Affiliate Marketing

Many people do not know what affiliate marketing is. My response to this is, how do you approach affiliate marketing? What I mean by that is, do the ads put in front of you on blogs and websites enhance the information on the page you are viewing?

All your questions answered about affiliate marketing.

Companies Of All Sizes Use It

The world’s biggest companies use affiliate marketing. Additionally, Amazon was the first to use affiliate marketing to sell more products. They call it their “Associates Program”. Affiliate marketing benefits retail’s biggest box stores and mom and pop operations.

How Does It Work?

Third party companies such as Shareasale handle affiliate programs for those retailers using affiliate marketing. People who have websites, blogs, YouTube channels, etc. go to these third part companies to find retailers to promote. Once approved people put marketing content, banners, images, eBooks, etc. with affiliate links embedded. When someone clicks on one of the marketing content and makes a purchase, a commission is earned.

Is It Safe

Those affiliate links take you to the retailer’s website. You deal directly with the retailer. The affiliate is not involved beyond that. Affiliates do not represent or work for any retailer through affiliate links. In this way it is completely safe. Even though there is a middleman so to speak, it is only in a one way path to the retailer.

Do You Pay More Through Affiliate Links

No you don’t! You pay the same price as anyone else. The same discounts, sales clearances apply to you as anyone else. Affiliate links are safe.

Another Part Of eCommerce

Affiliates earn extra income form affiliate links. Many companies depend on affiliate sales. It’s a huge industry. when you purchase through affiliate links you are supporting an industry of small business owners trying to make a living.

What You Won’t Find On My Site

What you won’t find are affiliate links to products and/or services that don’t relate to the content on that page. All links, bannners, images will link to something that enhances the content on that page.

Affiliate Disclosure:

This site contains third party affiliate links. If anyone clicks on one of those links and makes a purchase we could earn a commission. This is at no extra cost to anyone. I also donate twenty percent to our local food banks. Thank you in advance.

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