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Exactly what is affiliate marketing? Can it help me start or enhance my home business? Can it help my existing business sell more goods and/or services?

These and many more questions will be answered in the affiliate marketing articles below.

Many people have asked me about affiliate marketing. Although it has been around for some time, it is often misunderstood. I always tell people that they do a form of affiliate marketing all the time. If you go to a great restaurant you often tell others about it. Read a good book, see a great movie. You often tell others so they can enjoy that experience as well.

Furthermore if you got paid to tell others about your great experiences, then that is truly affiliate marketing.

You see examples of this all the time. Reading articles online, watching videos, etc. You are basically seeing ads that contain affiliate links. Additionally, click on one of those links, make a purchase, and someone is probably getting a commission.

Many people who are making videos or blogging are using affiliate marketing to earn extra cash. Furthermore there’s opportunity to earn from just about every niche and topic you can think of.

Affiliate Marketing Articles

Affiliate Marketing Questions And Answers: Find out exactly what affiliate marketing is. It is for both side hustles and for established businesses. Part time entrepreneurs and the world’s largest retailers use it. Find out more.

For Consumers

Affiliate Marketing and Consumers: Find out exactly what affiliate marketing is and if it good for consumers.

For Businesses

Sell More Products And Services: Not just for a side hustle. The world’s largest, and mom and pop operations, have increased sales. Find out how to get a free motivated sales force. Find out more.

Organization and Tracking

Affilimate Program Overview: How to get your programs and commissions organized in one dashboard. Find out more.

Tapfilliate Affiliate Marketing: Create, track and grow your marketing programs. In addition find tracking software for E-commerce and SaaS.

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