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If someone mentions WordPress themes you may not know what they are talking about? Most people know what a theme is but it may not be in relation to websites. A theme can best be described as a topic or idea, many would say that it relates to an event, like a theme for a prom. In many respects this is correct but a WordPress theme is basically the look of your website. It represents your brand online.

If you are looking for a theme, or look, for your business website you have many choices. If you go online to a WordPress theme service such as Kadence theme or Elegant themes you will find many choices, in many categories. Picking one you like for the look of your site is important.

Another option to look for themes is right in the WordPress set up. If you secure web hosting most, if not all, web hosts provide you with one click WordPress set up. When you install WordPress on your account you have the option of choosing a number of free themes provided by As well you will have this option when you sign into your domain’s account. To log into your domain’s WordPress backend simply type in the URL of your domain followed by forward slash (/wp-admin). For example… You will need your login username and password to access your sites dashboard (backend). In your dashboard, once you have logged in, under “Appearance” choose “Themes”. In there you can browse themes. It might be just me but I haven’t had a whole lot of luck with free themes and in fact one of my sites became corrupted and I managed to retrieve only about half of the content.

Themes are developed in categories, some are generic, some are free and most come with a fee developers attached. In my experience it is always best to purchase the theme so you get the full array of options that come with them. One bonus is that the developer will take their name off of your website. If you try to do that yourself you will run into issues with the theme working properly. Especially important is the support you get when you purchase a theme. If you run into issues with the theme, after all it is software, you have the support to go to to fix the issue. This of course does include any issues you have with the company it’s hosted with.

The great thing about themes is that even though a theme may have been developed for a particular category most themes can be worked so that it fits your brand of products and services you offer. Assuming that you will be using your own logos, images, etc. I have done this many times, for example a construction company wanted a particular theme that was designed for recreation. We changed all of the slider images, added a new logo, headers etc., and made it fit their brand perfectly.

One theme I use on a regular basis is the Kadence theme which has the added feature of being able to download a set of sample templates, to use with the Kadence theme, to try for free.

The Kadence Bundles are great for the website owner just stating out or for the seasoned pro looking for all the bells and whistles. You get all the essentials you need to build impressive and dynamic WordPress websites. Three different bundles to choose from with Kadence Blocks Pro, Kadence Theme Pro and Pro Starter Templates. As wll they offer the Kadence Essentials Bundles and the Kadence Full Bundle, (and the Kadence Full Bundle Lifetime Bundle) which includes Kadence Theme Pro, Pro Starter Templates, Kadence Cloud, Child Theme Builder, Kadence Shop Kit, Kadence AMP, access to all themes and plugins as well as access to all future products. Well worth looking into if you plan on building a site yourself or if you develop for others.

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