Changing Nameservers

If you are securing web hosting through a company, other than where you registered your domain name, then you will need to point “namesevers” to your domain. Changing nameservers is an easy task, but needs to be done. You have two choices here.

Option 1.

If you buy a domain name through a registrar service but you purchased hosting through another web hosting company nameservers need to be updated so that people can find your website in a search. In fact if you don’t do this then your website will not be able to be accessed at all.

Nameservers, there will be two of them, can be likened to GPS in that it is the path to your website. The electronic signal that is sent from a browser, a web address URL, has to have a path to follow to your site when someone clicks on a link to your domain. The nameservers provide that.

When you register a domain name at a registrar, nameservers are set to the the registrar’s servers. This is commonly know as parking a domain. Domain flippers do this so that they don’t have to purchase web hosting. But you may want to purchase web hosting, so nameservers have to be changed.

Step 1 If you purchase web hosting contact the hosting company support or do a search on their knowledgebase for “nameservers”. You should get two nameservers. For example they will look like “” and “”.

Step 2 Log into your registrar and find the link to your “products” or “your domains”. Once you find the list of domains or domain click on the domain you want to change nameservers for. Find a link on this page to “manage DNS” settings. It may be worded differently but that’s what you are looking for DNS settings.

Step 3 You may have to click on something like “Custom DNS”, there you will see the two nameservers for your parked domain. Replace these with the nameservers of your hosting company. You will probably get a message to the effect that changing nameservers could cause issues. Click OK to ignore this. If you don’t change them you will not be able to access your site online. Nameservers can be updated at any time so it is not a one time only change.

Save the changes. The time it takes for your site to become visible will vary, I have done these and have seen an immediate result and other times it may take a few hours. As long as you have changed the nameserver information and saved your changes it will work.

Option 2.

You can contact the support staff at the web hosting company you have secured through. Their support staff should be able to change those “nameservers” for you.

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