ChatBot and LiveChat Features

chatbot and livechat

livechat  and chatbot

ChatBot Customer Service

Automate your customer service by easily building your first ChatBot today!

It is a one-in-all solution to create fully operating chatbots. In addition use the drag and drop interface to publish your bot in seconds. Furthermore get one click integrations for messaging apps, live chat services or just use a chat widget for WordPress.

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LiveChat Customer Service

What is LiveChat? It’s help desk software that allows your customers to reach you in real time. No need for phone calls! 

LiveChat connects you to your customers easily. Chat with your online visitors via the customizable chat window. Easily make it an integral part of your website design.

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More ChatBot and LiveChat Features

No-code ChatBot Builder

Drag and drop conversation blocks to easily build your Stories. Choose from multiple bot response formats and actions to create engaging chatbot experiences.

Chatbot Testing Tool

Test your Story while you build it within the ChatBot web app. Make sure your chatbots work as intended before they connect with users.

Customizable Chat Widget

Launch AI chatbots on your website in a couple of clicks by using our free Chat Widget. Customize its look and feel to match your brand’s style and website design.

ChatBot Academy

The initial step of chatbot creation doesn’t have to be difficult. Master your bot creating skills with lessons prepared by our experts, and complete your first chatbot with ease.

Prebuilt Templates

Set up your chatbots using customizable ChatBot templates. Reuse them as they are or smoothly develop more complex Stories with them.

Team Up

Add teammates to your ChatBot account with a few clicks. Bring your team together, and share a wide variety of expertise to create better customer interactions.


Measure your chatbots’ performance using real-time analytics. See the number of chats and busy periods to find out which of your Stories is the most popular.

User data

Automatically collect user data while chatting. Get to know your chatbot users, and make use of collected data to create more personalized experiences.


Organize your users into custom contact lists. Import new leads to your CRM or email marketing software to easily reconnect with them after the chat ends.


Have access to all the chats your chatbot had with users. Get a chance to analyze each of them to fully understand how users interact with your AI agent.

Connect With Users Across Channels

Let customers contact you using their favorite messaging platforms. Make use of ChatBot out-of-the-box integrations and offer customers your helping hand around the clock.

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