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Social Media Tool

This SEO management tool should provide the user the ability to improve your social media strategy. Firstly you should be able to improve your social media strategy. You can do this with scheduling, analytics and ads management.

Secondly you can plan and post to multiple accounts, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google My Business. Discover how often your competition is publishing. Moreover see whether or not your competition’s follower count is growing. Find posts and hashtags that seem to be driving the most engagement. Create, launch, and manage ads on placements within the Facebook family.

Even More Options With This Tool

You will be able to publish now and schedule for later. Multi-schedule your selected posts. Put your scheduling on automatic. Add RSS feeds of your favorite blogs. See engagement, followers and track mentions on social media.

For instance discover which of your hashtags drive the most engagement. You can analyze the frequency and nature of the content of your competition. Post articles across all your social media profiles. Discover your low-performing ads.

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social media seo management tools
Publish immediately, schedule for later, image editor, UTM-builder and link shortener.
Add RSS feeds of your favorite blogs and share them with one click and much more!

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