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Handmade Furniture – Built-ins Nova Scotia

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Where Can You Find Handmade Furniture And Built-Ins In Nova Scotia?

Cabinet and furniture makers are a very talented group of artisans. In addition most of these artisans would also do millwork. Many people have remarked how difficult it is to find a cabinet maker to take on their projects these days. Additionally the pandemic has put extra strain on the industry.

The Difference Between Box Stores And Handmade

The large box stores are popular for buying furniture that you assemble at home. Additionally most assemble yourself furniture has its limitations. Mostly with quality of materials and usage over time. Screws become loose and require tightening on a regular basis. Furthermore the materials used may be of a lesser quality.

How It Is Supposed To Be Built

Ted Power, owner of Kinburn St. Furniture in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia, has different ideas. Build furniture, built ins and millwork the way it’s supposed to be built. Additionally furniture is built with no fasteners, and in fact, it becomes stronger the more you use it. Just the opposite of the do it yourself assembly furniture. Furthermore all millwork and built ins are built with solid plywood, biscuited together for strength.

Ted has been making custom furniture and built-ins for the last twenty years. His journey began in Ontario and New York where he was working as a photographer. As well, he found a love for furniture and decided to attend Humber College in Toronto, where graduated with “Honors with Distinction”. Following his roots he moved back to Nova Scotia with his wife and daughter.

handmade furniture and built-ins Nova Scotia
Traditional Handmade Furniture From Chairs To Benches, Tables And Built-Ins.

It Has To Be Perfect In Million Dollars Homes And Yours Too

Ted worked in Toronto making high end wine cellars. Additionally this experience taught him to pay attention to details. “In million dollar homes, good enough is not good enough” Ted says. Everything has to be as close to perfect as possible.

“But as well”, Ted adds, “I want to make it as perfect as possible for any client I work For.”

Quality handmade furniture does not have any fasteners. The best handmade furniture is made to fit together perfectly with glue. As the piece gets older it gets stronger. Additionally the difference between handmade and mass produced furniture is that attention to detail.

Furniture That Passes The Test Of Time

Did you ever wonder why furniture made a hundred years ago by experts still stands the test of time. And it only appreciates in value. This is how Ted build’s his furniture. Every piece is special and unique.

To contact Ted email him at