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Fairview, once part of the county of Halifax, is now part of the greater HRM. Additionally it is one of the most eclectic communities east of Montreal. The community has many mid to lower end rental properties which lends itself to attract immigrants to the area.

It has a very colorful history. People of the community are mostly blue color workers. Many new businesses have opened as a result a large construction boom in the area.

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For more articles and history of the are visit the Fairview Historical Society’s website.

History Books of Fairview.

dutch village fairview

Dutch Village began as nothing more than a grassy trail and a few pioneer homes. It was located along the west side of the Halifax peninsula

Additionally the original German settlers were industrious. Majestic Victorian homes and family homesteads eventually grew into what is now Fairview, Halifax, Nova Scotia.

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john obrien fairview

Read this unabridged memoir written by an infantrymen who bore the brunt of war. A the story of the Canadian First Division’s determined and bloody fight through Sicily and Italy. John Bentley O’Brien’s personal account from enlistment in the Halifax Rifles in 1940 to his stint in the Merchant Marine

In addition it details his recovery through a series of field hospitals before his eventual return home. Furthermore follow the escapades of a raucous and belligerent young man from Fairview. He and his wife, Mary, raised ten children and he served as the community pharmacist for over 25 years.

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