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History Of Fairview, Nova Scotia, Canada

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The community of Fairview located in the HRM Halifax Regional Municipality in Nova Scotia, Canada. In addition it is one of the most diverse neighborhoods east of Montreal. furthermore the Fairview Historical Society has one of the best archivists, Devonna Edwards. Additionally she has written a number of articles focusing on the history of the community.

more history of Fairview Nova Scotia
Devonna has also authored 5 books on everything from The history of Fairview to Medical institutions of Halifax. You can find her books on Amazon.

Articles On Fairview, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Naval, Military Articles

The Royal Naval Burial Ground:
Is a tribute to the lost seaman the Battle of the HMS Shannon and in addition the USS Chesapeake during the War of 1812. More

No 6 District Depot (Chebucto Barricks):
It opened in November 1941 and was located on the northern section of the Municipal Airport Field. In addition it was then undeveloped land that later developed into a small airport. More

Plane Crash In Fairview, 1953:
A Sea Fury and an Avenger collided over Fairview on April 9, 1953. As a result it caused quite a stir in the community. More

Duc d’ Anville’s Armada:
Duc d’ Anville’s Mighty French Armada sailed into the Bedford Basin in 1746. Moreover Duc d’ Anville was looking for revenge of the loss of Louisburg,More

Halifax Explosion:
The largest man made explosion before the atomic bomb. In addition how a Sister of Charity from Mount St. Vincent Academy helped on that terrible day. More

Hotels, Taverns, Prohibition

Popular Old Inns Taverns And Hotels:
This article covers the various taverns and hotels that were popular and well used along the original road that went from Halifax to Bedford. More

The Prohibition Era and Rum Running:
This article covers the Temperance Movement. Moreover this brought about prohibition. More


Dutch Village Omnibus Line:
This article covers the Omnibus, a horse powered vehicle. in addition it transported people around the city. More


Relief Camp at Citadel Hill:
The CNR and CPR Railways hired “bulls”(brutal guards). Furthermore this was to make sure the trains carried only paying customers. More


Nova Scotia Cotton Factory and The Factory Girls That Worked There:
Halifax had British owned Cotton Manufacturing Companies. In addition they used slave child labor. It was located on the corner of Kempt Road and Robie Street in Halifax. More


Ashburn Golf Club:
Played by Babe Ruth, Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien, U.S. President Bill Clinton, Gordie Howe and many more. More


The Mi’kmaq (formerly known as Mic Mac) In The Fairview Area:
Intersting article about Chief Lonecloud who married seventeen year old Elizabeth Paul. In addition Lonecloud’s father Abram, joined the Union Army when the Civil War began. More


Old Churches Of Fairview:
Article about the history of Fairview churches past and present. More


Fairview Schools and Surrounding Areas up to The Present Day:
Article covering this comprehensive history of Fairview schools past and present. More

Halifax Municipal Airport – Also Known As Chebucto Road Airport:
This article covers the Bluehill Farm property which was chosen for the site of the new Halifax Municipal Airport. In addition this property was used as an army depot in WWII. More


The Provincial Penitentiary:
It was located one-half mile from the city of Halifax, on fourteen acres of land overlooking the eastern shore of the North West Arm. More

Rockhead Prison – Also Known As City Prison:
The prison was located on a high hill above Africville and overlooked the Bedford Basin. More


Devlin’s Pond in Fairview and the Polio Epidemic in the early 1950s:
The Polio epidemic and Devlin’s Pond which was located on Melrose Avenue in Fairview, just below Alex Street. More


Gold in the Hills of Fairview:
Alexander Taylor mined gold on Geizer’s Hill (Main Ave.) at the Dutch Village (Fairview). More


Bayer’s Lake Mystery Walls:
A dry-stone wall, with no mortar, was discovered several years ago during an expansion of Bayes Lake business park. More

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