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If The Truth Be Known

What is my motivation for putting this information out there? It’s no secret that only a select few know, in fact it’s the one thing that many of us avoid, and that is “The Truth“.

At the same time as we were going through a family dispute, where many  lies and deceptions were spread, for someone’s selfish and egotistical benefit,  I heard for the first time the most appropriate saying, “Tell the truth and shame the devil!”  Now I have to say I am not what you would call a “religious” person, but that saying resonated with me. The fact is you don’t have to be a religious person to live by that mantra. Imagine how good you would feel if all of the lies and deceptions in your life simply went away. But of course it’s not quite as easy as it sounds, especially if you are dealing with friends and family.

Look back to help you move forward. Don’t dwell on the past but use it to  look at things from a totally different point of view, (Paradigm shift in thinking I will cover later).  Look for the truth, accept it and use it to better your life. 

Using that focus I offer my experience with my online business, as it was and how it will be in the future.

Your Home Business

At Some Point We Have All Been Sucked Down The Rabbit Hole?

If you are still reading this then you are probably like me, and have been online for years trying to make money or excellerate your online business. And like me you probably have been sucked down the rabbit hole too!

If you are not sure of what I mean then ask yourself these truth questions:

  • Do I jump from one opportunity to another?
  • Do I get distracted doing research by links, banners, images?
  • Have I spent more on money buying programs than I have made?
  • Does my excitement only last a short time?. 
  • Do I think all online opportunities are just scam?

There's no shame in admitting your shortcomings, in fact it is quite liberating to face them head on.

What You Thought You Knew

This is where the “Paradigm Shift” in thinking collides with the “Rabbit Hole” way of thinking.

The best way I can sum up my take on a paradigm shift in thinking is “there are two sides to every story”. We make snap judgements and decisions, most of the time fueled by emotions.  In just about every situation in life there are two sides to every interaction we have on a daily basis. 

The Internet is definitely the number one choice for information gathering, and for home business opportunities. Marketers selling opportunities, courses and information work on our emotions and design their landing pages, ads and/or web sites accordingly. Ironically I also think targeting emotions is key, but the appropriate emotions is the the real path to success. When I say success people’s first thoughts go to the ATM machine. We all want more money, but the key is to have money and happiness.

And The Journey Begins

And so the journey begins and my first priority is to get my business up and running. Yes this is where we set goals.

Goal 1: Come up with a business idea
Goal 2: Develop the business name
Goal 3: Set an opening date
Goal 4: Tell as many people as you can
Goal 5: Open your business
Goal 6: Tell more people

No monetary goals you say? That’s right! If you do this all the right way, you will come up with a great idea, pitch it to a few people you know who will give it their honest opinion, do the proper research both pros and cons, and most importantly, have a passion or get excited about a product or service, then you are on your way. This is exactly the rabbit hole I have been going down for years, following the money. The precious! This my paradigm shift, coming at it from the opposite direction. Build the business and yourself and the money will follow.

There is not one expert online that can tell you who you are and what you are about, but they want you to believe that they do know you. Even your friends and family many times think they know what’s the best for you, and will tell you so. If you are looking for a business there are multitudes of people willing to allow you sell their goods and/or services for a commission, or you draw on your own expertise and talents. Whatever direction you go, choose a business that gets you excited or do something you have a passion for. Believe in the choice you have made, stop looking at opportunities that make promises of big money, listen to constructive criticism, ignore the nay sayers and follow your own path.

No Rabbit Hole Links?

You may have noticed that there wasn’t one link, or image link in the above content. Those distracting “Rabbit Hole” links. Most information websites and APPs are usually loaded with advertising links, banners  and images. It takes time and practice to change the way you have been thinking and doing things. Follow links if they offer valuable information for your business building research, avoid the opportunity and retail links.

I put my suggestions and recommendations at the bottom of my articles. After reading what I have to offer you can make your own choices. Purposely inserting distracting links is not the way I want to go. Obviously some people just want to make money, but at the end of the day you have to look in the mirror and tell yourself you are doing the right thing.

After The Idea

Don’t rush into deciding what business you will eventually start. It may come to you right away or it may take some time to find the right business. You will know when it happens. 

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