how to install wordpress

If you have registered a domain name, secured web hosting and updated your nameservers, you are ready to go online and install WordPress and create your website.

Access Your Cpanel

Once you have purchased web hosting you will be given a login for your Cpanel. The Cpanel is where you manage the “backend” of your site/s. You can add email accounts, forwards, add domains (if your account allows for more than one domain), change PHP setting and a multitude of options, many of which you probably won’t use. This is where you can install WordPress on your domain. Once installed you can then start to build your web site.

Softaculous Install

In your Cpanel you should have a category named “Softaculous Apps Installer” or similar. Under this category you will find the WordPress icon, click on that.

On the resulting page you should see the WordPress install page. Click install at the top.

Go to the dropdown window and choose your domain.

If you see “wp” in a small box, highlight that and delete it. If you do not it will install WordPress on your domain under a /wp directory. You don’t want that.

Your Log In and Pasword

Scroll down the page to set your login details. You can enter the site title and description if you want or wait until you get into the WordPress dashboard to do it. You can set the username to anything you like. As well set your password.

Theme Choices

Scrolling down to the bottom of the page you will see choices for themes. You can install the default theme or choose one from the list of themes. You can change your theme at any time, as any times as you want, so this is not critical.

Click “Install WordPress” and you are done. Once installed you will see links to your home page as well as your backend (where you make changes to your site), log in with the username and password you set above.

This all take about five minutes or less to complete. If you want a run down on your WordPress backend (dashboard) please read the next article How To Navigate Your WordPress Dashboard.

The Most Important Plugin You Need

Once you have your website set up you will need this SEO plugin. Read about the green light road to SERPs.

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