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Japanese Woodworking

Over 1200 years old.
represents traditional Japanese values.
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japanese woodworking

Japanese Woodworking

Learn all about the art of Kumiko. It is the making of patterns using thin pieces of wood. These are planned and fit together at various angles. In addition this a very precise and beautiful art form.

Learn all about Shoji. It means “to block light’, and has been used in traditional Japanese construction for centuries. In addition Shoji incorporates Kumiko in its construction.

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As well find information on:

  • Terms used in the art of Japanese woodworking?
  • Tools used in the making of Kumiko and Shoji.
  • Projects used with Kumiko.
  • Kumiko patterns.
  • Jigs used in Kumiko.
  • Instruction books on Kumiko and Shoji
  • Japanese joinery and carpentry.

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