Cloak and track your affiliate links.

Linktrackr Affiliate Program Overview

Link cloaking.
Link tracking
Side Hustles & Full Time Businesses!

Linktrackr Affiliate Program Overview

What They Do

They are a web-based link tracking, affiliate cloaking and split testing software service.

In addition it is used by super-affiliates and professional marketers to track all their sales and leads.

Earn Up to $331 Per Sale

Plus They Have An Awesome 2-Tier Program!

You could earn up to $331 per sale for each new customer you refer!

Great Commission Structure

They use a tiered commission structure to rewards their top affiliates. Furthermore the more commissions you earn, the higher your commission rate will be.

  • Less than $100 in sales, earn 30% in commissions.
  • From $101 to $300 in sales earn 35% in commissions.
  • From $301 – $700 in sales earn 40% in commissions.
  • $700 or more in sales earns you 50% in commissions.

Plus Earn 2-Tier Commissions

Earn a commission of 5% for all valid sales by affiliates you’ve referred.

They are consistently in the top 10 with high EPC (earnings per click) and zero reversals or refunds.

Join their affiliate program free!

Affiliate Disclosure:

This site contains third party affiliate links. If anyone clicks on one of those links and makes a purchase we could earn a commission. This is at no extra cost to anyone. I also donate twenty percent to our local food banks. Thank you in advance.

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