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Music Articles

My passion for playing guitar, and learning the mandolin, is fairly new. I’ve been playing for about eight years now. Additionally I can’t believe how far my playing has come. Initially, like everyone else, I learned chords and learned to strum. Then came the pandemic.

I was jamming with my buddy on Tuesday nights. That ended for almost a year. It was during that time I decided to learn fingerstyle guitar. This was more so out of a frustration with using a pick. I am very heavy handed. Even when I tried to strum smoothly and slowly it just didn’t sound good. Fingerstyle changed my guitar playing life.

Not only did it give me a different approach to playing, but my technique improved as well. Meaning, my left hand technique forming chords improved big time. Now I’m learning flat picking. This is something I can do with a pick.

Enjoy the articles below. Hope you find something to learn.

DIY Guitar Kits

This is something I have taken an interest in lately. In addition you can get some pretty cool kits for classic guitars. Worth checking out if you like buying guitars. Read it here

Fingerstyle and Fingerpicking

As described in the introduction above, this changed my guitar life. I always like playing, but fingerstyle turned that pass time into a real passion. Learn what it is and how to learn it fast. In addition learn how to read and follow tabs. Read it here

The Best Guitars To Play

Now that I have been playing for a few years, I’ve turned into a real guitar player. That comes with the price of buying better guitars. Guitars recommended for the style you play. Read it here

Legacy Learning Overview

Gibson, the guitar manufacturer, also offers online learning. Whether it’s blues, jazz or country, find a lesson. Read the overview.

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