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Restoring Vintage Camping Trailers

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Restoring Vintage Camping Trailers

Restoring vintage camping trailers has become very popular. At one time you could see old Airstreams and Shasta campers parked in people’s yards. These days it’s hard to find one. Camping has become even more popular over the last two years. Small camping trailers have become all the rage. It was even hard to find parts to restore older campers. Vintage Trailer Supply has solved that issue for many people.

A Few Tips For Restoring Vintage camping Trailers

So you have the idea of restoring a vintage camping trailer. It’s exciting, but it can turn out to be a very costly endeavor. Just a few tips before you go ahea and buy that old vintage camper sitting in someone’s yard.

Make A List Of Repairs Needed

Go with a pen and paper and write down everything you see that needs fixing. Sit down and have a realistic think about what you need to do. Can some of the things on your list be done by you? If not you will have to contract out work which can be expensive since it is a specialized trade. Source out parts and do the research to see if you can find information on the repairs you need to do.

Frame – Chassis

If you can look underneath and check for any rusting or what looks like bent frame members. Check that the hitch will work with most trailer hitches.

Electrical Repairs

Electrical repairs could be the most expensive item on your repair list. Test all of the interior plugs and switches to see if they work. Can you get the parts and can you affect the repairs? Although not overly complicated it can be a daunting task for someone with no electrical experience. Rewiring a vintage camper could run you anywhere from two to three thousand dollars.

Propane Lines

Propane lines need to be tested to make sure there are no leaks. Another expensive repair unless you can do it yourself.


If the appliances don’t work then you will need to consider purchasing appliance. If you want vintage appliances they will cost you more than regular household appliances, unless you are a very frugal shopper.

Interior and Exterior Repairs

Your list of repairs will need to include all of the interior and exterior repairs. You may have to source out parts that fit with the vintage look of the camper. Of course anything specialized always costs more money.

Braking System & Lights

You don’t want to find out the brakes on your camper, if they have them, don’t work going down a steep grade. If your camper has brakes then you need to make sure they work. Of course brake lights and running lights are an important safety feature that need to be addressed.

Where To Find Vintage Parts

restore your vintage camping trailer

A perfect example of what Vintage Trailer Supply offers is information on restoring vintage trailers. In addition they have a complete parts inventory of vintage parts.

One article on their site, “How to Set Up a Vintage Style Pole & Rope Awning“, is exciting for those that want a real vintage feel. Since all canopies at one time were the cloth awning, people want to go back to that. Awnings today mostly are the fold out type. These are easier, but nothing can replace the vintage look and feel. If you are into restoring vintage camping trailers then that is the look you are going for. Just one example of the great information you will find.

There is nothing better than camping on a beautiful day. Lighting the campfire at night. It’s what many of us dream about all winter.

Vintage Trailer Parts That Are Hard To Find

Vintage Trailer Supply offers a great collection of older trailer parts. These have been rescued from insurance wrecks and other trailers that were gutted. many of these parts are very limited in availability. They offer parts for exterior, windows, doors, awnings, electrical, interior parts and many more.

If you are looking to restore an older trailer, or even build a vintage looking trailer then you need go no further than Vintage Trailer Supply.

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