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The Cost

Right off the bat I will tell you that this service is only $59 per year. For RVers, this is an amazing price for the service you get. In addition for that one time fee you get the RV LIFE Pro Suite, RV LIFE – RV-Safe GPS app and RV LIFE Maintenance. Furthermore use it on your phone, laptop and iPad for one the fee of $59.

Easy Access To Parks

Many RVers find it difficult to look up some parks in other online services. In addition they find it very difficult to create a useful trip plan. RV LIFE Trip Wizard is designed to be the easiest service to use and up to date. Moreover you get access to all campgrounds in the database, regardless of affiliation.

Campground Memberships

If you have a membership in a campground association you can enter that information. Furthermore easily find that campground with the displayed icon of that membership. If you wee a member of Good Sam Club you can view all of their campgrounds.

You can prioritize which parks are more important to you. The highest priority icon shows for a given park. Additionally you still get the best discounts! Passport America would be ranked first by discount percentage. other campgrounds you are affiliated with will be shown with a tent icon.

You can have an unlimited amount of campgrounds. You can change the order of your stops. Just drag a stop to another position in your list of stops. Additionally you can also delete a stop if you wish. In addition you can note the number of night stays at campgrounds.

Changing Itineraries

You can go to some point that is not shown as a campground The route will change to go to your destination, assign a POI marker, and specify how many nights you will be there. In addition if it is simply a day trip you simply enter 0 as the number of nights. Moreover you can save a trip for future use. Create as many trips as you like.

Trip Costs

The estimates are based on the information in your preference file. Fuel costs based on your rig’s mileage, camping, meal, and miscellaneous costs are considered. In addition you can see the estimated cost for each leg of your trip. You can update the true costs as your trip progresses.

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How About Canada?

The RV LIFE Trip Wizard has many Canadian parks listed as well.

Other Stops

There are numerous stops including fuel stops, Walmarts, Sam’s Club, Casinos and rest stops with dump stations. In addition there are big box stores that permit overnight parking are shown. Moreover there are 8,000+ pet hospitals and 16,000 golf courses to choose from. Furthermore it shows bike trails near the campground you are staying at.

Updates Are Important!

Because RV LIFE Trip Wizard is web-based there is no software to load and no updates required. in addition access is available from a wide array of devices. The database is constantly being updated with new parks.

Trip Navigation

RV LIFE Trip Wizard allows you to download a trip into your GPS, (all included in the same price). Additionally it can print a trip summary with contact information for all your stops including overall trip mileage In addition you can see trip cost estimates and GPS coordinates. In Addition you can down load a file that works with Google Maps. you will be given a Google Maps Format choice with detailed instructions.

Ease Of Use

It is recommended to read through the User’s Guide. The Trip Wizard is very easy to use. Furthermore find full step-by-step instructions are included with an online tutorial. In addition they encourage you to offer suggestions, or ask questions. Moreover they activtly seek your feedback on their product and service.

RV LIFE Trip Wizard is a web-based application, so no downloading. An internet connection is required.

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