Your are busy running your business and some things get placed on the back burner, such as website management for your WordPress business website. This is very common with business owners. You want your website to operate without issues which means that some website maintenance needs to be done on a monthly basis.

I can provide the solution by doing that monthly website management for you. The following list are the monthly regular scheduled maintenance tasks I can perform for you to make sure your website is operating at it’s maximum efficiency.

Business Monthly Website Management Package

Below is the monthly management package I offer for only $24.95 per month and includes:

Manage Updates

Updating your site is essential for the smooth and seamless operation of your site.

WordPress: The WordPress software is constantly being updated and it is very important to have the latest version installed.
Plugins: Not updating your plugins can cause issues with your site running efficiently. We make sure you have the latest updates so your plugins run smoothly.
Themes: Themes need to be updated as well as plugins. Although themes do not have to be updated as often as plugins, every so often a them has an update to install.

Test Contact Forms

It is problematic if customers cannot contact you and testing of all of your forms and email is essential.

Menu and Navigation Updating

It is very important that visitors to your site can find the information they desire easily. Many times the installation and/or the updating of a menu and navigation can solve that issue.

Test All Links

It is very important that all of your links are working so that your clients can find the information they are looking for.

Test The Speed Of Your Site

The speed of your site is important when you want to be found and when you want people to stay and experience as much of your site as possible. People may wait once for a slow loading page but more than likely will leave if it happens twice.

Monthly Cloud Backup

It’s imperative to have an up-to-date backup of your website. Stuff happens and if for some reason such as an update fails, a website crash, etc. having a recent update is essential. We run scheduled backups, incremental and run off-site capable of running on an hourly cycle, to make sure that up-to-date backup is always ready. This is ideal for small websites, and websites with static content including:

– monthly scheduled backup
– off-site storage
– US/EU storage choice
– exclude files and folders
– receive notifications via Email or Slack if your website is down.

Performance Check

The performance check gives you insight into what is happening with your website, if there are problems, a breakdown of the factors that are affecting your website, each individual factor and its grade. We use this and recommendations on how to solve any issues and improve your website’s performance.

Security Check

We make sure that all of your sites are clean, if any files become infected we will be able to spot them on time. We can scan websites and receive valuable security information, as well as have an overview of all of the past security scans. keeps you up to date on your security.


We use Google Analytics to keep track of all results and let you know what worked for you and what didn’t.

Manage Comments

We cam manage all of your comments, approve or send to spam any comment not appropriate. This gives you a great overview on how people are responding to your posts.

Client Report

We keep you in the loop at all times with a professional client report which includes:

– Reports from all activated add-ons
– Custom Work Section
– WooCommerce reports
– PDF download
– Templates
– Sections order
– Number of history items
– Localization in multiple languages including:

English (US), French, Spanish (Mexico), Spanish (Spain), Portuguese (Portugal), Portuguese (Brazil), German, Dutch, Italian, Swedish, Hindi (India), Marathi (India), Tamil (India), Danish, Greek, Finnish, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Indonesian, Polish, Russian, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Chinese (Mainland China), Chinese (Taiwan).

Vulnerability Updates

We will be able to see which plugin is vulnerable, what the issue is.

If you would like to ask any questions about our monthly website management options please contact me here, thank you.


Initial SEO Checkup: This entails updating your Page Title, your Meta Description as well as your Focus Key phrase and additional key phrases for your pages and posts.

Weekly – Monthly Posts: Content is the greatest driver of traffic and if you have information about your products and services that your customers need to know, posting a weekly or monthly article can go a long way to get and maintain your customers.

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