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sell more products and services

Are You Looking To Sell More Products & Services

Do you have quality products and/or services? If so you may want to read on.

Shareasale is a third party affiliate company. In addition it is perfect for both merchants and affiliates.

At this point if you do not know what an affiliate program is then read this article. It is one of the best online marketing concepts that both affiliates and merchants can use.

How Can It Work For Your Business?

You may find it frustrating trying to sell more. Your quality products and/or services are going unseen by millions of consumers. You need exposure for your business.

Affiliate marketing can address a large part of that lack of exposure and sales. Using an affiliate company such as Shareasale can boost your exposure and help you sell more.

How It Works

  • Sign up for a Shareasale merchant account.
  • Easy to use interface to optimize your affiliate partnerships.
  • Keep track of progress with their suite of in-depth and customizable reports.
  • Set up tracking.
  • Put it in front of your free salesforce.
  • Reward your sales force with good commissions.

Once set up all you need to do is:

  • Easily screen affiliates you want selling for you.
  • Add or update links and banners affiliates can use.
  • Watch your sales go up.
  • Reward your affiliates.
  • Sell more!

How Does The Free Sales Force Work

Thousands of affiliates come to Shareasale looking for products and services. Most of these affiliates have websites, blogs, Pinterst, Twitter and Instagram accounts. They will promote your products and services to their targeted audience.

You have control over which affiliates you want promoting your products and services. Affiliates work on a commission basis. In addition you don’t have to pay them until a sale is made. Including the refund and return time period. If you pay a decent commission rate, like 10%, you will have a better chance of getting good affiliates.

Why I Think It’s Better Than Amazon or Etsy

Selling on Amazon or Etsy can be good for your sales. I would never tell anyone not to sell on these sites. The problem is that because these sites are so big your products and/or services can get lost among all the competition.

Using affiliates to promote your products and/or services gets you in front of your targeted audience. Furthermore affiliates can get in front of many more new customers as well.

Learn more about Shareasale’s services for your business.

Affiliate Disclosure:

This site contains third party affiliate links. If anyone clicks on one of those links and makes a purchase we could earn a commission. This is at no extra cost to anyone. I also donate twenty percent to our local food banks. Thank you in advance.

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