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Tattoo – Body Art

It’s no secret that tattoos have become extremely popular in the last ten years. Tattoos can be seen on the bodies of many people from all walks of life. In addition at one time tattoos were considered to be taboo. They were associated with a darker side of society. But that has changed.

Tattooists are now known as artists. And rightly so. Additionally tattoo body art can be some of the most creative art forms anywhere. furthermore the real art can be seen in tattoo cover ups.

Learning The Hard Way

Mike Power has been involved with tattooing since he was fourteen. Even though he had to abide by his parents wishes and wait until he was sixteen to get his first. Additionally he completed his apprenticeship in the traditional way of tattooists.

Even More Experience

Mike moved to Montreal right out of high school and started working at the SuperRock tattoo shop. Furthermore he worked there for a couple of years before moving to Toronto to work at various tattoo shops. Eventually he found his way back home to Halifax where he worked and eventually opened his own shop.

Through all the ups and downs he now owns a shop, Daggers Cove Tattoos, on Queen St., Dartmouth Nova Scotia. Additionally he has four other artists working in his shop. Business is good and Mike and the other artists in his shop all have well known reputations for quality tattoos.

Planning Is The Key

Mike and the other artists work with their clients to get the tattoo that they want. After an initial meeting, the planning starts. In addition this is followed up with a detailed sketch for each tattoo they do. Hours are spent on design and sketching. Furthermore the client gets to see what the tattoo will look like once finished.

If you are looking for a tattoo while in the HRM visit Daggers Cove Tattoos.