Beautiful drives in Nova Scotia!

The Aspotogan Peninsula

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The Aspotogan Peninsula – On The Lighthouse Route

Communities Along The Aspotogan Peninsula

Coming from Halifax take Route 329. Communites along the route include Fox Point, Mill Cove, Birchy Head, The Lodge, Northwest Cove, Southwest Cove, Aspotogan, Bayswater, New Harbour, Blandford, Upper Blandford, Deep Cove, and East River.

Golf Anyone

play a round of golf at Aspotogan Ridge golf course
Aspotogan Ridge Golf Club

The Aspotogan Peninsula offers a lot for tourists and golf is one of the activities. Aspotogan Ridge golf course is a fairly new nine hole golf course. It is an easy walk and getting a tee off time is normally not an issue.

This a new development with housing planned for a fifty five plus community.

The course is located close to CFS Mill Cove a Canadian Armed Forces radio communications station. This station was a major employer in the area until the radio communication was automated in the 1990s.

Interesting Points

  • A forty-foot look off at the peak of the Aspotogan mountain, built during World War1.
  • The St. Margaret’s Bay Training School for the Canadian Merchant Navy located in the old The Gainsborough hotel.
  • The J.D. Shatford Library, built in 1969
  • Canadian Forces Station Mill Cove opened to provide a naval radio communications receiving station for the Maritime Forces Atlantic.
  • ┬áThe millionaire Cyrus Eaton, famous industrialist invited guests to stay at his home such as the first man in space, Yuri Gagarin.
  • The Aspotogan Heritage Trust was established in 1994 to oversea development and repopulation of the area.

A short detour will take you along one of the most scenic drives in Nova Scotia. Additionally the Aspotogan Peninsula has some of the finest beaches in the province.

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