using your cpanel

How To Use Your Cpanel

When you purchase web hosting, you get control over your allotted server space through a Cpanel. This is the dashboard of your server. It also comes with a one click WordPress install for any domains, and sub domains, you have. Additionally you can control email, the number of domains and a lot of other options.

I am not a trained tech. Everything I have learned is self taught. Meaning, if I can do it, most people can. Back in the day I had to actually use code and FTP to transfer updated pages to my site. The web page building craft has come a long way.

I understand this is not for everyone. If you are pinching pennies and have a little time, you can save money. Plus you have control of it all.

How it Works

Once you purchase web hosting you will given login details to your Cpanel. This is where you can control many aspects of your hosting account including, many if not all, of the below options:

Account Manager

Here you can do your Domain Setup, Subdomain Management, DNS Management, SSL Certificates, FTP Management, MySQL Management, Domain Pointers, Site Redirection, Hotlinks Protection, PHP Settings

E-mail Manager

Here you can set up E-mail Accounts, Forwarders, Autoresponders, Vacation Messages, Spamassassin Setup, SPAM Filters, Mailing Lists, MX Records

Advanced Features

Catch-All E-mail, Cron Jobs, Custom Error Pages, Mime Types, Password Protected Directories

System Info & Files

File Manager, Installed Perl Modules, Site Summary / Statistics / Logs

Extra Features

Here you can check your Webmail: Squirrelmail, Webmail: Roundcube, phpMyAdmin, Setup Node.js App, Select PHP version, Setup Python App, Resource Usage, RVsitebuilder, Softaculous Auto Installer

Softaculous Apps Installer

Here you can set up Joomla, AbanteCart, ,phpBB, SMF, WHMCS, Open Real Estate, MyBB, pH7CMS, Dolphin, Laravel, OpenCart, Concrete CMS, ClipBucket and your WordPress installation.

Believe me when I say you will not use most of the options listed above. If you run into issues you will always want to contact your web hosting support to get them to sort it out or at least point you in the right direction. Of the above options I really only use domain set up, sub domain set up, email setup, check email and WordPress installation.

As well as the above options you can also check on Disk Space usage, bandwidth usage, number of e-mails, number of FTP Accounts, number of databases, the domain you are managing, the PHP Version you are using for that particular domain and the times of logins.

You have full control using your Cpanel unlike the all in one services where you have limited control of the backend. At the end of the day it is up to you how much control you want over your site/s.

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