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voluum advertising software

Voluum Advertising Software

They are a cloud-based ad tracker that integrates with a number of ad platforms. In addition, connect all the elements of your campaigns together.

Data about your visitors & conversions is collected and helps you discover the most profitable combinations of traffic, ads, landing pages and offers.

Read the overview of the services provided by Voluum below.

Advertising Tracking…All In One Place

Whether you run native, display, pop, email, search, push or social, video ads you can track it all.

Monitor over 30 metrics about each visit, click, and conversion for both paid & organic traffic, in real time!

Get Better Performance

Traffic Distribution AI will send more of your traffic to the offers, landing pages or entire campaign flows that perform the best.

The Anti-Fraud Kit detects invalid traffic and block bot activity.

Automate Your Work

Control all your digital marketing campaigns straight from the ad tracker dashboard.

The Automizer allows you to pass conversions, pause and activate campaigns, change bids, auto-update traffic costs, set auto-rules and alerts. Do it all from one dashboard.

You and Your Co-Workers

You can have additional users with custom permissions. In addition you can work on your campaigns together. Create separate manageable groups with different access levels. Create auto-updating reports and a white-label solution is also available. Store all data on the fastest servers.

Professional Support

You have access to a dedicated account management team, 1on1 onboarding, video tutorials, live webinars and step-by-step guides.

Partnerships & Industry Connections.

Get a personal introduction to an ad exchange or another advertising platform.

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Apply to the Voluum affiliate program. 30% recurring commissions. Commissions are paid at no extra cost to consumers.

Affiliates: Find merchants you can promote to monetize your business.

Merchants: Sell more products and services. Free motivated sales force.

Affiliate services for or both affiliates and merchants!

Affiliate Disclosure:

This site contains third party affiliate links. If anyone clicks on one of those links and makes a purchase we could earn a commission. This is at no extra cost to anyone. I also donate twenty percent to our local food banks. Thank you in advance.

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