This option is included in our WordPress Design packages.

People have very little patience when it comes to website loading or other issues with a website.  The speed of your site is important when you want to be found and when you want people to stay and experience as much of your site as possible.  Our monthly website management stays on top of any issues which can be taken care of quickly.

Monthly website management includes:

1. Monthly Backup

The free backup is ideal for small websites, and websites with static content. This backup is available to all of our ManageWP users. 

Free backup spec:

  • Monthly scheduled backup
  • Off-site storage
  • 1-click restore
  • US/EU storage choice
  • exclude files and folders
  • receive notifications via Email or Slack if your website is down

2. Security Check

The Security Check makes it easy for you to make sure that all of your sites are clean, and if any files become infected you will be able to spot them on time. In 1-click you can scan websites and receive valuable security information, as well as have an overview of all of the past security scans. 

Allows you to perform security scans on all of your websites, at any time you like. It detects malware, if your website is blacklisted, and gives you the option of including them in your Client Reports. It’s perfect for all of your websites, especially for those that contain less sensitive information.

3. Performance Check

We get insight into what is happening with your website and  how it’s performing. 

We check the performance of your websites on a monthly basis. 

We will provide you with a detailed list of any or all  suggestions on what needs improving.

4. Google Analytics

This is handy for those who are creating websites for their clients to keep track and add to client reports.

With a glance we can keep track of all results, finding out what worked for you and what didn’t.

It is essential to monitor your website on Google Analytics to optimize it for the best results. 

5. Maintenance Mode

If needed, Maintenance Mode gives you the option of letting your visitors know that you are working on your website, updating or fixing problems. Even the busiest of platforms like  Twitter go down for maintenance, so in this case it’s handy to have  a ready mode to put on your website. 

6. Comments Check

Moderating comments can be time consuming. We do regular comments checks and can  approve or send to spam any comment in seconds. Plus you can get a great overview on how people are responding to your posts.

7. Plugins & Themes

Managing plugins and themes is the biggest time consumer. Updating is essential in keeping the software working as it is designed to.

We manage plugins, themes, and their updates monthly.

8. Vulnerability Check

Knowing that a website has a known vulnerability is hard to ignore. We can check to see which plugin is vulnerable, what the issue is, and on what websites this plugin is active, i.e. what websites can be affected by this vulnerability.