affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing

A sales tool that not only business owners can use, but it’s great for work at home business owners looking to make some extra cash.

Affiliate marketing has been around for many years. In fact Amazon was one of the first companies to offer their “associates program” to website owners. Additionally Amazon recognized the power of using millions of website owners to market their business for them. By placing a banners, search boxes or links on websites and paying commissions for sales from those links.

Better Than Paid Ads

Instead of paying for costly ads, people with websites place provided advertising materials on their sites. It’s a genius means of getting the word about your business out there, with very little investment. Companies provide the banners and text ads, along with tracking links. Any sales from those links could earn a commission.

As a business owner you have access to a free sales force. Furthermore all those people with websites are just waiting to sell your quality goods and services. They basically do the advertising for you.

Third Party Affiliate Companies

Third party affiliate companies such as Shareasale manage affiliate programs for hundreds of companies, and many of the biggest companies in the world. By using such a service, you can get your business in front of a lot more people.

So how does that work? People who are looking to make extra money by putting links and banners on their site come to a company like Shareasale to look for companies they can feature on their site.

An esthetician may feature products for skin care on their site while someone who blogs about travel may include a link or banner for travel packages. There are millions of affiliates with websites just waiting to feature your business.

Free Sales Force

For the cost of setting up your affiliate sales program, which in the grand scheme of things in the advertising world is extremely cost effective, you can have a hungry dedicated sales force talking about and promoting your business all over the Internet.

If either of those options appeals to you then check out Shareasale. A third party affiliate marketing network, since 2002, using cutting-edge technology and dedicated to helping their clients succeed in affiliate marketing.

The Best Affiliate Third Party

A leading network in the US focused on driving sustainable growth with 15 offices worldwide, over 1,000 employees, and with over 225,000 contributing publishers and over 16,000 retail advertisers. They know affiliate marketing! Find out more here.

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Affiliate Disclosure:

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