web hosting

What Is Web Hosting?

To put it simply, it is the server that your website resides on. When you register your domain name it must point to the server (IP address) where your website lives. Whether you choose to use an “all in one” website builder service that offers everything to build websites, or whether you choose the budget friendly route of registering your domain name and securing web hosting, your domain must point to the server where your website resides.

You can compare it to renting an apartment in a large building. Each apartment has it’s own address and each occupant pays rent for the use of that space.

Web hosting is cheaper now than ever and the number of companies that offer hosting services has grown to the point where the consumer benefits from lower pricing. For example we have a three year contract from our web host that would equal what some people are paying every four months. We do not get a special rate, it is just that cheap, and works great.

So Why Do You Need Web Hosting?

As mentioned above your web site needs to live somewhere on some server somewhere in the world. Each server has an IP address. By doing a search on Google and clicking on a link, or by clicking on any link whether it’s on a browser, on your social media, in a text, that link points to the IP of that website and directs the computer or phone to go there.

No matter where your website resides, there needs to be a direct link to it. A website cannot be accessed unless it is hosted somewhere. No matter where you decide to place your website to live, it has to be hosted.

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