A silver lining of the pandemic was an increase in crafts and hobbies. Woodworking was no exception. People discovered new hobbies or got real busy with their existing hobby.

I also picked up a new hobby, a Japanese woodworking genre called Kumiko. It has become very popular in the last couple of years. There are numerous videos on YouTube showing you how to make it. It is made completely by hand in Japan. In western culture we use a combination of hand and machine tools. Additionally i can be doe in a very small space in your home.

Japanese Woodworking

What Is Japanese Woodworking: The Japanese have developed the most unique woodworking. Most of their joints are cut by hand and use no fasteners.

Kumiko and Shoji

What Is Kumiko and Shoji: This unique Japanese woodworking genre is totally unique. Additionally with over 300 patterns and over 1200 years old, it is making a come back.


Tools Used In The Making Of Kumiko: The Japanese are not only know for their woodworking but also for their hand made tools. Find out what tools you need to do this art form.


Terms Used In Kumiko and Shoji: It helps to know the terms for the hobby you do. Find out the terms used in the art of Kumiko.


Jigs used In The making Of Kumiko and Shoji: Just like their tools, all jigs used are also hand made.


Study – Making Kumiko – Constructed By Hand: Since the masters in Japan would do this all by hand, I set out to try it myself.

Instructional Books On Kumiko and Shoji: Books written by the experts in Japanese woodworking.

Free Kumiko Designer: Design your own Kumiko free.


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Shop Setup

Small Shop Setup