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There’s no denying it, WordPress is the number one means of building websites. It’s has become so easy to use the software to build your site.

Back in 95′, when we introduced computers in the classroom, we were using DOS. Then we graduated to HTML and FTP for uploading and editing pages. Students were using HTML code, CGI scripts and FTP to build web pages. Now everything is done on one platform. Furthermore with the introduction of programs like Elementor, and using blocks, it has become very user friendly. Additionally just about anyone can use WordPress to produce beautiful and interactive websites.

WordPress usually comes with easy installation included with your web hosting. When this software first came out you needed to download the WordPress software from WordPress.org. Now it is included. In addition you can also search for free plugins and free themes right from the dashboard. As time goes on you will have access to even more options.

Kadence Suite Of WordPress Tools

Kadence WordPress Theme: This company has made building your website so much easier. All in one packages including all the plugins you need. They have packages for large and small websites. One annual fee covers the options you are looking for.

Kadence Plugins, Blocks: All the plugins and blocks you will ever need to build the largest and smallest of websites.

WordPress Plugins – What They Do, Where To Get Them: What exactly are plugins? Get all your questions answered about functional and interactive plugins.

How To Navigate Your WordPress Dashboard: The WordPress dashboard is comprehensive. You probably won’t need to use every option. What each option does and how to use them.

All About WordPress Themes: What is a theme? Do you need a theme? Find all the answers to those questions and more. Where can you get the best themes.